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Grandma Handmade Alpaca Items

Spring Happenings at the Farm

We’d like to provide some farm updates for everyone as our busy season of summer is kicking off. Babies are coming, shearing is happening, and we have a winner for our big giveaway.

Alpaca Llama and Little Girl

A Year of Growth and Blessings

Jason, Hunter, and I would all like to extend a big thank you to everyone who we were fortunate to encounter this last year. From our alpaca buyers and tour visitors to those who shopped in the store or covered our farm in the news – we are grateful to you.

Improving Breeding Outcomes Through Alpaca Color Genotyping

A lot of people assume if you mix a white alpaca with a brown alpaca you’ll end up with fawn alpaca. Well, that works in mixing frosting, but it doesn’t work in breeding alpacas. There is a lot more science that goes into the color outcomes of alpaca breeding.

Cotton Creek Farms Alpaca Herd

Can I Raise Alpacas With Other Animals?

The question would seem straightforward, however, you have uniformed hobby farms raising these species together not realizing the mental, physical, and genetic issues they are introducing to their livestock.

Wall of Alpaca Socks at Cotton Creek Farms

What to Know About Buying Alpaca Socks

In today’s post, I’d like to walk through the amazing properties of alpaca fiber, why it’s a great material for socks, and what you should know about purchasing your first pair of alpaca socks.

Lilly Grace on Her Birthday

Alpaca Histograms vs. EPDs

EPDs and histograms are tools available to the alpaca industry that help alpaca breeders improve the genetics and health of their livestock.

Jason Bagging the Fiber

What to Know About Alpaca Shearing Day

Wondering how alpaca shearing is done and what you should expect during your first shearing day? Let me walk through our 2020 shearing so you can get a good feel for the process, planning, and execution.

Teddy and Levi

2020 Cria Calendar

It’s spring and that means the crias are coming! I absolutely love having births on the farm and I cannot wait for our crias to arrive. Check out our 2020 cria calendar to see who is arriving soon.

Wall of Alpaca Yarn at Cotton Creek Farms

Buying Alpaca Yarn

The success of your knitting project depends heavily on selecting and buying the right yarn weight. Let’s review all that I’ve learned about buying and selling yarn.

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