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High-Quality, Artisan Made Alpaca Product, Clothing, and Gifts

Our alpaca store offers made in Michigan products and handmade goods sourced from family members, friends, and Peruvian artisans. We offer a flat rate, Priority Mail shipping of $9.50 per order for most products. Rugs, rug yarn, and horse saddle pads are $20.00 flat rate shipping. Orders over $250 will ship for free.


Alpacas are efficient grazers that have a minimal environmental impact. They create a sustainable product that is a perfect alternative to traditional materials.

Extremely Warm

Alpaca fiber is three times warmer than sheep’s wool and it naturally wicks away moisture. This amazing material will keep you warm and dry in all seasons.


Alpaca fiber doesn’t have lanolin, so products are itch-free and safe for all skin types. If you’ve ever struggled with sheep’s wool products, you’ll love alpaca.


Softer than cashmere, yet still water repellent, odor-resistant, and super strong. Alpaca is called the fiber of the gods because it offers luxury mixed with functionality.

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